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  • What does Pyramid Property Management do and what services are offered to customers?
  • PPM is a company which offers a wide range of services to its customers. The services are primarily put in 4 different categories, 1. Property Protection, 2. Vacant property management, 3. Repairs and Maintenance and 4. Renovations.
    1. Property Protection is a service which offers protection of your properties through regular inspections by the staff of the company and regular updates with the latest photographs of the property registered with us.
    2. Vacant property management is a service which is applicable for all types of vacant properties like, bunglows, villas, flats, shops and plots. The company offers management and maintenance of these properties through regular inspections, timely maintenance of properties, utility bill payments etc.
    3. Repairs and Maintenance is a service primarily for customers who do not want the other services however need assistance only for repairs and other maintenance work from time to time.
    4. Renovations is the service which is for customers who need assistance in interior decoration/designing or renovating their properties. The company offers turn key solutions to customers for all their needs.
    PPM ensures that the customers get the best value for the money they spend on their properties and the services are delivered as per the commitments made at the time of registration. PPM is not rigid in terms of services and custom packages can be designed based on the needs of customers.
  • Do I need service if I have family and friends living in the same city where I have the second or the unattended property?
  • Family and friends can certainly help you in managing and maintaining the property however these days people find it difficult to take time out to spend some quality time with their families and kids that managing a property for someone else becomes an added burden and might affect the relationship between the individuals. A company on the other hand has all the resources needed for efficiently managing the properties and keeping the properties in the best possible shape.
  • Does Pyramid Property Management help in renting or leasing the vacant properties?
  • Yes, PPM can certainly help in renting or leasing a property.
  • Can Pyramid Property Management help me with renovations or interior designing/decoration?
  • Yes, PPM offers assistance to customers who want to get their properties renovated, designed or decorated.
  • How much will it cost me if I take services of Pyramid Property Management?
  • There are different plans which were devised keeping in mind the different needs of individuals. The charges depend on the plan and any additional services chosen by the property owner. You may request for the details of plans and pricing by sending an email to enquiry@pyramidpm.in
  • How would I know that my property is being managed properly?
  • All the plans include physical inspection of the property at regular intervals and updates are sent to customers with the latest photographs of the property. You may check the updates and emails to know the current condition of the property.
  • Does Pyramid Property Management help me with Property Tax or Lease agreement renewals etc.?
  • Yes, PPM offers assistance to its customers when it comes to Property Tax or Lease renewals or agreements.
  • How is Pyramid Property Management different from the Property Brokers in the area?
  • PPM is a company which offers end to end property management and maintenance services to its customers. The team at PPM is known for its professionalism and delivery of services committed to customers. Property Brokers might help you in purchasing, selling or renting a property however they might not offer you maintenance and management services throughout the year.
  • How can I register for the services?
  • In order to register your property to avail services of PPM you may fill the contact us form on our website www.pyramidpm.in or you may call us during business hours on 044 - 2486 4861 / 2486 4867.
  • Does pyramid property management have branch other than Chennai?
  • No, at present PPM has office only in Chennai.